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Hippuridaceae: Mare's Tail Family Plant Identification Characteristics.

Plants of the Mare's Tail Family

      If you find a mass of plants floating in the water with whorled leaves it may be a Mare's Tail. Worldwide, there is only 1 genus (Hippuris), and botanists disagree on how many species are included in that. There could be 3 separate species, or they might all be varieties of the single species Hippuris vulgaris. Hippuris has a greenish flower without petals. The sepals are fused together and not individually distinguishable. There is only 1 stamen. The ovary is positioned inferior, consisting of one carpel (unicarpellate). It matures as a nut-like seed. Recent genetic work classifies Hippuris as a member of the Plantain family.

Key Words:
Aquatic plants with whorled leaves and greenish flowers.

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Hippuris vulgaris. Mare's Tail.

Hippuris vulgaris. Mare's Tail.

Hippuris vulgaris. Mare's Tail.

Hippuris vulgaris. Mare's Tail.

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