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Juglandaceae: Walnut Family Plant Identification Characteristics.

Plants of the Walnut Family

      Members of the Walnut family are resinous, aromatic trees with alternate, pinnately divided leaves. The glandular dots beneath the leaves help to identify this family. The flowers are unisexual, with male and female flowers appearing on the same trees (monoecious). The male flowers are borne in catkins, with 3 to 6 (sometimes 0) sepals, 0 petals, and 3 to 40 stamens (sometimes 100). Female flowers have 4 sepals and 0 petals. The pistil is syncarpous with 2 to 3 carpels fused together to make a single-chambered ovary, which matures as a single hard-shelled nut enclosed in a husk. Worldwide, there are about 6 genera and 60 species, mostly walnuts. Our natives are listed below. Other cultivated genera include Platycarya and Pterocarya.

Key Words: Aromatic trees with pinnate leaves and walnut-like fruits.

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Juglans major. Arizona Walnut.

Juglans major. Arizona Walnut. Fort Bowie National Historic Monument. Arizona.

Foraging the Mountain West
Foraging the Mountain West
Juglans ailantifolia. Arizona Walnut.

Juglans ailantifolia.Heartnut or Japanese Walnut. Cultivated.

Juglans ailantifolia. Heartnut or Japanese Walnut.

Juglans ailantifolia. Heartnut or Japanese Walnut.

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Foraging the Mountain West
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Foraging the Mountain West

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