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Bee Plant: Cleome serrulata.

The Best Wildflower Sites on the Web

Montana Plant Life An excellent site with lots of great pictures and text, organized with several different methods of searching for plants.

Montana Natural Heritage Program Features plants in Montana that are rare, endangered or of special concern. Includes great photos and field guide information.

CalFlora Database An excellent database including photos of California wild flowers.

Southwest Colorado Wildflowers An excellent resource for identifying Rocky Mountain flora.

New Mexico Rare Plants.

Wildflowers of Ontario An excellent photo gallery.

The Society for Economic Botany publishes a newsletter about how plants are used by peoples around the world.

Database-Style Keys for Plant Identification
Database keys will one day greatly simplify plant identification, but most of these early versions are crude:

Wildflower Identification is a database driven identification program for 550 wildflowers in the northeastern and north-central parts of North America. Tree Identification is a related identification program for 139 trees in the northeastern and north-central parts of North America.

The Key to World Wide Flowering Plant Family Identification is a professionally developed key to plant families which works well, but may be difficult for amateurs to use. has an easy-to-use interface for Pennsylvania wildflowers.

The Pine Barrens Plant Identification Key is a primitive but interesting approach at a database-driven plant key.

The Key to the Gymnosperms of the Southeastern U.S. allows you to click on pictures to narrow down the choices until you find a match.

The Montana Plant Life Key uses a primitive database system for Montana wildflowers.

The Illinois Weed Key is oriented towards agricultural weeds.

The Best Weed Links on the Web

Managing Wholes is an excellent website on holistic management, including good information about invasive weeds, desertification, and healing the land.

Montana War on Weeds Many resources assembled by students of Whitehall High School.

Integrated Weed Control A Montana company offering a variety of products and services.

The Montana Weed Control Association includes many good resources for weed awareness, identification and control.

More Wildflower Sites on the Web

Wild Pantry Sells wild edible, medicinal and useful plants, mostly from southeastern states.

Beauty Beyond Belief Wildflower Seeds Colorado company sells wildflower seeds.

Biology Dictionary Common language definitions for botany and biology terms.

Hi Tom,

      This is basically a fan letter!

Botany in a Day: The Patterns Method of Plant Identification       I'm a senior lecturer on the BSc(Hons) Herbal Medicine programme at Lincoln college in the UK and I've just discovered your book. I thought you might like to know that I've already added it to my recommended reading for new starters on the course (we take 25-30 entrants a year), and have put a link to it on our Facebook group for existing students. So you should be getting some more orders from the UK as it's going to be really useful for them. In fact, I already have a whole heap of course handouts that basically do the same as your book for each family: ie summarising main botanical features and discussing medicinal uses, major constituents and themes, with a few examples and a few pictures. So I'm overjoyed to find your book doing the same thing but on a bigger scale (albeit now also slightly cross with myself that I should have had the idea first and/or should have found your book earlier and saved myself a load of work doing the same thing!)

Robyn James MNIMH
Senior Lecturer in Herbal Medicine

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